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Want a Rolex or a Patek? Rent it! (άρθρο ΝΥΤ)

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Want a Rolex or a Patek? Rent it! (άρθρο ΝΥΤ)
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Sidne Yeo, a 28-year-old consultant based in Singapore who advises Australian companies that want to penetrate Chinese e-commerce, already had a collection of five watches. But in 2018 he decided to join Acquired Time, an online club based in the city-state that had been introduced in March the previous year.

Mr. Yeo said he wanted to try watches that he probably would buy at some point — like the so-called “Rolex Hulk,” a Rolex Submariner with a green bezel.

“I thought it was a great idea,” he said. “I decided to give it a shot.”

Roy Tong, Acquired Time’s co-founder, had used his company’s money to amass a collection of about 40 watches now grown to 80, mostly for men, with what he estimated as a total retail value of about 1 million Singaporean dollars ($740,465). He said he wanted to create an online business that would allow members to “test drive” watches before purchase.

“At the beginning, I thought that my clients would be fresh graduates in their 20s and 30s who were purchasing their first watch,” Mr. Tong said, “but we soon discovered that the bulk of our clients is made of senior professionals who already have a watch, and often more than one.”

For these customers, he said, Acquired Time is like an “extension of their watch collection.”

The club requires a six-month membership and has three fee levels that correspond with the type of watch that may be rented: Subscribers who pay 175 Singapore dollars a month have access to watches like a classic IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage (which has a retail price in the United States of $4,350). The 275-dollar subscription includes watches like a Rolex Submariner (which retails for approximately $7,500), and the 375-dollar subscription, watches like an Audemars Piguet Safari (approximately $26,000)....
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